Below are a few comments from the many notes, cards and letters received from recipients of the "For Her Glory" fund.

I pray that you continue to help others
Muchas Gracias
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In Loving Memory

We Need Your Help

Your support makes it possible to continue our mission to help cancer patients.  All donations are welcome.

Grateful Recipients Express Thanks!

  • Age 31 with Breast Cancer
    - "Thank you so much for assisting me with getting a wig. It is comforting to be able to wear it and look normal until I have my own hair again. Your foundation has blessed me greatly!"

  • Age 45 with Breast Cancer
    - "God bless you for allowing me to be able to be normal when going out in public.  Losing my hair was part of my identity.  This is the first time that I have received such a gift of love and generosity - particularly from people who I have not even met.  Cancer has truly opened my eyes to the goodness of others.  Judy Piotrowski must have been a truly wonderful woman."

  •  Age 76 with Non-Hodgins Lymphoma
    - "Words cannot express how thankful I am for the help in making me feel whole again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

  •  Age 49 with Breast Cancer
    - "Thank you so very much for the assistance I have received while undergoing chemotherapy for my breast cancer.  There are no words to describe what this means to me.  I have been able to work and maintain some normalcy to my life because of this wonderful program.  I hope in the future to give back to your program some of what you have given to me and my family."

  •  Age 65 with Breast Cancer
    - "... What a beatiful way to honor Judy Piotrowski's memory by making it possible to help the many women feel good about themselves during a very devastating time in our lives."


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