Gainesville Phoenix Woman’s Club 4th Annual Luncheon
Benefitting the For Her Glory Foundation,
Cooking Instructor and Author, Ginny McCormack, Guest Speaker

Gainesville Phoenix Woman’s Club is sponsoring their 4th Annual Luncheon to support “For Her Glory” Foundation. This Foundation was started by former Phoenix Member Judy Piotrowski. The mission is to preserve the dignity, self esteem, and sense of well-being of cancer survivors who need wigs, prosthe-ses, mastectomy bras, or other items as a result of chemically induced bald-ness or a mastectomy. For Her Glory fund seeks to help restore the quality of life for those cancer survivors who cannot financially secure these products through other resources.

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Gainesville Phoenix Woman’s Club 3rd Annual Luncheon
Benefitting the For Her Glory Foundation,
Georgia First Lady, Sandra Deal, Guest Speaker

Sandra Deal & Jackie CooleyThe Gainesville Phoenix Woman’s Club hosted their 3rd annual luncheon on August 13, 2011 with proceeds going to For Her Glory.  Featured speaker, “First Lady Sandra Deal was the second president of the Phoenix Society, the first being former school Principal Shirley Whitaker," said Connie Howard-Propes, a charter member of the original group.

Cancer survivor and Women's Club third vice president Brenda Martin said the club hoped to raise $3,000 at their third annual event.  “There are a lot of women who are cancer survivors including myself,” she said. “When you go through chemo and you lose your hair or you lose your breasts you sometimes don’t feel like a woman. That wig can make you feel like a lady again, and that’s why we do this, to help these ladies get their dignity back.”
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Georgia Federation of Women’s 113th Annual Convention

GFWC Riverwalk

When: April 17th - April 19th, 2009
Where: Augusta, GA

The Georgia Federation of Women President (and cancer survivor) Brenda Martin, chose For Her Glory as her project for her term. 

The Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs presented For Her Glory a check in the amount of $5,000.

The ladies participated in a “Riverwalk” that generated another $1,000!

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What The “For Her Glory” Fund Has Provided to Date
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 17 April 2009 12:00

The North Georgia Community Foundation administers the “For Her Glory” fund. The “For Her Glory” fund in turn helps to procure wigs, prostheses, mastectomy bras and other items needed as a result of chemically induced baldness or a mastectomy. A total of 179 wigs, at least 29 compression sleeves and a number of miscellaneous items have been purchased.  The combined total of items purchased has a retail value of $130,000!

“For Her Glory” funds have been used to help 225 cancer patients and survivors. With continued support we can help countless more.

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